Cat® Digital | World Class Machines Made with World Class Technology

The Cat® Digital group is the digital and technology arm of Caterpillar Inc., responsible for bringing world class capabilities to our products and services. With almost one million connected assets worldwide, we're focused on using data, technology, advanced analytics and AI capabilities to help our customers build a better world.

We’re constantly evolving within Caterpillar to meet our customers’ needs as they work to build a better world; Tom Bucklar, Cat Digital director, says we’ve done just that over the past two decades by adapting advanced technology like IoT and autonomous fleets.

“Caterpillar and our customers literally help shape the world, and for the past 20 years, we have been leaders in merging the digital and physical worlds.”

Through the development of IoT and autonomy programs, Caterpillar has increased our ability to enable customer success through: increased visibility to mining trucks far underground, helping small business owners find rental equipment at the click of a button and generating innovative solutions to move the industries we serve forward.

“Our customers innovate to improve the quality of life around the world,” says Bucklar, “Caterpillar’s commitment to our customers’ success is driving our investments in IoT, digital and autonomy.”

Cat Digital provides an environment where you can do productive, agile and influential work through technology. Want to help build a better world? Search and apply for jobs today!

Want to hear more about the impact of Digital from Tom Bucklar, check out his interview with Built in Chicago: