Caterpillar Employees Help Students and Teachers Through Safe Drinking Water for Schools Program

Caterpillar employees at the manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China recently partnered with the China Women's Development Foundation, to aid in the Water Cellars for Mothers – Safe Drinking Water for Schools program. This is a program the Caterpillar Foundation has supported since 2015.  The initiative provides rural schools with access to safe drinking water and water purifying equipment to improve the health conditions of teachers and students.

Volunteers from the Caterpillar facility visited Leshanzhuang Primary School. Employees brought donations for the children in addition to volunteering their time in the classroom. Students participated in a painting contest themed “Water Resource Protection” where they created paintings of what they thought would be the best way to protect their water. 

The project brought together employees, the China Women's Development Foundation and the local school for a meaningful discussion regarding corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Caterpillar General Manager Patrick Zhang, spoke about the responsibility of each enterprise to not only promote the development of the economy, but to also champion the importance of sustainable development through community activities.

Team Caterpillar understands the importance of the care and education for children, who are the future of our world. The China team demonstrated social responsibility along with our values and culture while representing Caterpillar’s commitment to the communities where we live and work.

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