Thriving in the Manufacturing World

September 29, 2023

At Caterpillar, a career in manufacturing provides the opportunity to be a part of something bigger - just ask Deanna.

Deanna H. knows how to build a backhoe and wheel loader from start to finish with the knowledge she’s gained working at our Clayton, NC facility for the past 23 years. She started her career at Caterpillar as a backhoe technician and has held many positions in the factory, including quality auditor. “When I started, the factory floor was male-dominated and only had a handful of women. Over the last few years, it has become more women-dominated, especially on the quality team,” Deanna said. 

Her dedication to quality is apparent with her personal record of zero defects in over a decade. Deanna stated, “I try to think of every machine as it’s mine, like I am the customer. You don’t want anything but the best.” She also contributes her excellent quality history to checking and then double-checking her work before sending it on to the next station. She lives by the motto, “If you’re gonna do it right, do it right the first time.” 

Currently, Deanna is in an 18-month IDP (Internal Development Position) as a customer visit rep at the Edward J. Rapp Customer & Training Center. In this role, she gives factory tours, teaches others how to operate machines for stick-time, and is responsible for the coordination of events. In fact, she is able to drive any machine at the Visitor’s Center and one of only three women on the demo team. Deanna stated, “You learn something different every day. You meet different people. It doesn’t get boring. This gives me the opportunity to learn another side of the business and meet the customers.” 

Deanna is a woman who proudly knows how to build the machines, run them, and tear them apart. Her experience has also had a positive impact on her personal life. Deanna stated, “Working at Caterpillar for the past 23 years has made me more confident in my ability to do things myself. When something breaks, I can take it apart and put it back together. I can even replace parts on my car or my dryer.”  Deanna’s career in manufacturing is a true example of how we can rise together to create sustainable change and a culture of belonging. 

Are you looking to join Deanna in building better tomorrows through a career in manufacturing? Check out our open roles. 

Deanna in front of Cat Machine