"The Opportunity to Advance Always Exists"

For Thomas Garcia, his career journey can be best described as a ladder, where he continues to try and succeed in each opportunity he is provided. Thomas began working for Caterpillar 11 years ago as a front line assembler in the East Peoria factory, where he worked on engine installation for the D11 bulldozers. 

Today, he is a Product Analyst for the retail brand development group, where he finds satisfaction in ensuring customers get a quality product that they are proud to represent. 

How does Garcia describe Caterpillar in one word? “Reliability. Customers know when they get a piece of Caterpillar equipment that it will stand the test of time.”

Garcia recognized the importance of manufacturing and says, “it really is what Caterpillar is all about.” 

“It’s about people working to build a better future regarding the manufacturing of new products. Whether it be in the offices, doing social media, assembling dozers, or checking quality each person contributes to building a better world. 

After all these years, Garcia said he is still excited to come to work each day because of the people, and describes working for Caterpillar simply as “opportunity.” 

“The opportunity is always going to be there to advance in your career. I did the work to be able to advance my career and become a product analyst.” 

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