She Returned to Caterpillar After 10 Years because of the Impact She Could Make in the Digital Space

Theresa Delano started her career at Caterpillar during high school through a co-op program and progressed from there into a three-year internship in logistics and marketing, Delano ultimately opted to leave Caterpillar at the end of her internship to pursue an opportunity with the Disney College Program. Now with more than 10 years of outside experience in digital marketing, Delano decided to return to Caterpillar to pursue and opportunity with the Cat Digital team.

Delano, a digital consultant, said her primary goal is to bring awareness to the level of digital intelligence Caterpillar provides.

“Caterpillar is known throughout the world for moving the earth,” said Theresa, “but to me, I see them as a leader in data and technology.”

She says she’s excited to return to Caterpillar because she enjoys working with brilliant minds while constantly learning and building new skills. Her team utilizes data and customer feedback to enhance products and services through projects around the world. Delano said every hour is different within her job role, and with such a varied work environment, she works hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In addition to the work she does for Caterpillar, she also enjoys the involvement Caterpillar has beyond its four walls through volunteering, sponsorships and community development.

“To me, Caterpillar is more than a place to work – the support extends beyond the company.”

A digital and analytics career at Caterpillar offers something you may not experience in traditional “tech” companies: the chance to see your ideas come to life in real products and services used on customer jobsites around the world. If that’s important to you, search and apply for jobs today!