Supporting One Another to Build a Better World

October 24, 2022

I always thought it was neat that Caterpillar participated so generously in the United Way Campaign. The campaign is a fun time for all, and each year I learn more and more about the various local agencies that support our community. I never even realized that many of the partner agencies provide services that may be needed by my own coworkers, neighbors or even myself.

Trisha R.

Caterpillar is a global team who cares not just about the work we do – but also each other. For more than 70 years, we have been proud to support our communities and colleagues through the United Way Campaign with a common goal: to improve lives, invest in our community, and create a better tomorrow.  

Trisha has been a part of Caterpillar for more than 15 years, and she and her husband (also a Caterpillar employee) have four children. The United Way holds a special place in their hearts, as several of United Way’s partner organizations have provided support for their children with special needs. Two of Trisha’s children, who have Down syndrome, participate in the Illinois Early Intervention Program with Easter Seals. In this program, physical and occupational therapists work with them to build essential physical and life skills. 

"Taking care of our community is everyone's responsibility,” says Trisha. “I want the world to be a better place for my children. I want my children to have opportunities to live and work in communities that are inclusive of all people, and a community like that takes work. We all must do our part to make our community and world a better place!"   

Due to the generosity of our employees and retirees, funds raised for the United Way have continued to increase over the last five years. In 2021 alone, across the United States, Mexico and Canada, more than $6.4 million was contributed to United Way. That combined with the one-one match from the Caterpillar foundation brought a total dollar amount of 12.8 million given to the communities in which we work and live.  

"If you are considering donating to United Way, I would encourage you to learn about their strategies and work, and perhaps even get involved. We all have a responsibility to make our community better. If you are considering using their services, then I would say to be brave and say "yes" to help that you or your family may need. We are truly all in this together!  

We are proud of our team members who go above and beyond to support their communities and coworkers to help build better tomorrows. It's the work that matters.  

Trisha and family
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