Looking Back 30 Years | Caterpillar Employee Shares Her Career Journey

After a 30-year career journey at Caterpillar, Stacey Delvecchio has one piece of advice for women entering the field today: “Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t apologize. Don’t be afraid to put a bold statement out there.”

Reflecting on her journey, she says she was first interested in engineering because of her passion for math and science and had a desire to make an impact through the work she did. Through other variety of roles at Caterpillar, Delvecchio has gained a sense of accomplishment that she had originally set out to achieve when she became an engineer.

“My criteria for a job was to do interesting work and have a boss who appreciates me,” said Delvecchio, at Caterpillar, I got both.”

Delvecchio began her career with Caterpillar as a graduate trainee in the engineering development program and ended her 30 years by overseeing a team of engineers and technicians in 3D printing. Although each day and each job were different, Delvecchio says that is what drove her enjoyment for coming into work.

“I think people don’t realize the level of technology that goes in our equipment – it’s not just big, heavy iron, it’s very technically designed.”

A large part of Delvecchio’s career was focused on her involvement with the Society for Women Engineers (SWE). She joined a few of her colleagues in starting a SWE section at Caterpillar. Not long after, she became president of the organization, and focused her efforts on eliminating bias for women in the engineering field.  She believes Caterpillar is making great strides in this space as well, by hosting an open dialogue and engaging more than just women in the conversation.

“The fact that there’s discussion is huge. 30 years ago, when I started working, it wasn’t common for people to talk about it.”

Although in the beginning of her journey she didn’t know exactly what she wanted out of a career, she was able to navigate her way through Caterpillar and find her passions. Reflecting on her experiences, Delvecchio says she would tell a younger version of herself to have expected more of her employer by asking for and articulating her want for things that could have pushed her professional development.

At Caterpillar, our success depends on having the top talent, and gender balance in the workplace is an important way we will build the best team possible. This issue matters to both men and women and is essential to the fulfillment of our company’s values on a global scale. Want to join us in the mission? Search and apply for jobs now!