Solar Turbines is Fostering Diverse Technical Talent

Solar Turbines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., and CAAN (Caterpillar African American Network) are committed to fostering diverse technical talent in the San Diego area. Black Tech Link and Detour Fancy are two local nonprofit organizations they are working with to make a big impact.

Black Tech Link created a new STEM training program that targets teen boys, who are statistically underrepresented in STEM fields. Increasing the candidate pool for STEM jobs starts as early as middle school, so Black Tech Link created a three-month training program to get African American teen boys in San Diego on that career path.

Another local nonprofit, DETOUR launched FANCY in STEM to engage girls of color to ignite their interest in entering in STEM career fields. This initiative was launched to increase the number of girls of color studying and working in STEM career fields.

Solar supports DETOUR FANCY through financial investment and significant volunteer activities, including a Career Expo, an awards ceremony and hosting a group of young women from FANCY to come for facility tour and career talk, as well as providing mentorship to many participants.