Caterpillar Celebrates National Welding Month with Donation to SkillsUSA

April is National Welding Month, which gives a time to recognize an industry where trade skills are in dire need. In support of this celebration, for the third year in a row, Caterpillar East Peoria donated materials needed for the upcoming SkillsUSA welding competition.

SkillsUSA is a national organization that serves more than 360,000 students and instructors annually and partners with these students, teachers and the industry to ensure America has a skilled workforce for the future, as well as helping the students excel in many different skilled job trades.

The contest will consist of 86 high schoolers from around the state competing in two different events. Thirty-five kids will compete in an individual welding competition as well as 17 three-man teams competing in a fabrication welding contest. Caterpillar representatives will attend this competition, as well as the National SkillsUSA conference on June 24 to judge the competition.

In addition to events for National Welding Month, SkillsUSA hosts 101 other competitions for kids throughout the year. These events are broken up into 11 categories, with one of them being manufacturing. Much of the manufacturing sector consists of events that directly relate to what we do at Caterpillar. Additive manufacturing, Robotics and Automated Technologies, CNC Milling Technologies and Technical drafting are only a few of the events that SkillsUSA hosts.

Caterpillar supports trade skills careers and our employees to work hard every day to create products and services that help our customers build a better world.  Are you interested in joining our team?