After Expanding Her Family, This Caterpillar Employee is Able to Balance Work and Home

As a new mother, Shreya Shivangi has been empowered and encouraged to have balance between her personal and work life after returning from maternity leave. At Caterpillar, she has the flexibility to manage her job duties, travel internationally for work and spend time with her family all while investing in her professional development.

So, what is her secret? Shivangi says that if you are self-driven and have vision then you can make things happen. Despite the various challenges that come with balancing home and work life, she has managed to stay ahead of industry trends and continue to develop through continued education and seminars – sometimes with her four-month-old in attendance.

Today, Shivangi works as a Marketing Consultant and enjoys coming to work every day because of the ongoing opportunity to develop her skills.

“I love my job and I am very passionate about it,” said Shivangi, “We all work together to help our customers build a better world.”

How are they doing that exactly? Shivangi says that her job role allows her team to have a commitment for understanding the needs of customers.

“Caterpillar is future driven and focused on digitally-enabled solutions to increase customer success and further strengthen our relationships with customers.”

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