Employee Resource Group Connects Caterpillar Employee with Opportunities to Lead

Over the course of more than 20 years with Caterpillar, Saravanan Gopal says he has gained an identity as an engineer. He originally joined the Caterpillar India team as an Engineer Trainee and since then, he’s has explored a variety of opportunities within the enterprise, and today serves as an NPI Manager.

“Caterpillar has given me diverse opportunities in various functions, I am confident that I would not have gotten this same exposure anywhere else.”

Beyond his breadth in career opportunity, Gopal has been involved in Caterpillar’s employee resource groups. In 2011, he joined Young Professionals (YP) because he believed that collaboration is the backbone to innovation and success at work. He says his involvement in YP gave him an opportunity to develop his communication and leadership skills.

Gopal served as Chapter Chair of YP for two and a half years, this allowed him to interact with various leaders and develop decision-making skills. This opportunity also involved a few global leadership roles

“When I was involved at the Global level, it gave me an opportunity to lead people from different countries and cultures (US, Europe, China, Japan), said Gopal, “it gave me the confidence to lead and execute diverse teams.”

Looking back, some of his most memorable YP activities include a beach cleaning initiative where 60 VP members came together to clean the coastal area, and a Caterpillar Marathon where 300+ employees got involved to work towards a healthy lifestyle outside of work.

Experiences like his leadership positions in YP have allowed Gopal to go beyond his standard job role and establish himself as a socially responsible citizen. After his successful career, Gopal says he would attribute his successful career to the opportunities provided by Caterpillar.

“Being a Caterpillar employee gives me pride and passion towards my work. They motivate me to learn and execute my best work, which makes me a successful person not only in the organization, but the community at large.”