From the Factory Floor to Enterprise Project Leader

Roberta Scandolara of Caterpillar Brazil has taken on a new position. The challenge of learning a new role or skillset is nothing out of the norm for Roberta, as she started with Caterpillar 20 years ago as an assembler on the factory floor with only a high school degree. Now a lead engineer, since that first day, Roberta's career path has taken her across the business collecting skills and experiences to continue pushing her forward. Here's how she did it.

Roberta’s growth mindset has taken her career path at Caterpillar from the shop floor to technical leadership, and beyond. When she joined Caterpillar, she had only a high school diploma and a mechanical certificate she received through a course in school. Her mentor gave her a key piece of advice to encourage her to pursue her dream to be an engineer: “Don’t postpone important things.” Roberta explains this as the concept of doing what needs to be done now to get you to where you need to go next, regardless of the challenge or your level of comfort. This approach is what has led to her continued success at Caterpillar.

Through this, Roberta views every role and challenge as an opportunity to collect the experience or skills needed to propel her further along on her career journey. Roberta’s path has taken her from assembling a single piece of a machine to becoming the technical subject matter expert on each machine the facility manufactures. Now, Roberta is branching out from the technical product side of Caterpillar to lead projects that exist on the business side, giving her a whole new line of sight into the enterprise.

Another piece of impactful advice she received came from her first engineering supervisor, which was “to behave like a leader.” This guidance encouraged Roberta to always think like a leader and deliver solutions instead of problems. In doing this, Roberta was able to gain the experience she needed to confidently move to her next role.

At Caterpillar, your career is a collection of roles and experiences that push you forward. If you’re ready to start collecting what’s needed to build a career that matters, search & apply today.