Joining Caterpillar’s Chinese Resource Group let this employee network with leaders who share his passion for diversity and inclusion

Qinyang Rao has been a part of the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group for almost 10 years, and says he enjoys working with a variety of people that he may not have interacted with otherwise– including hosting a group of customer’s from China.

Qinyang Rao joined Caterpillar in 2004 as a student research assistant before joining Caterpillar full-time in 2008. He has worked on a diverse number of projects since then in a variety of job roles.

Soon after starting as a full-time employee, Rao joined an employee resource group: the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group (CCRG). While working in Champaign, IL, he was the co-chair of their chapter, but in 2011, he transferred to another facility and became a part of the leadership team there. Today Roa works as the co-chair of the communication and networking team for the CCRG in Peoria, IL

One of his favorite experiences through CCRG was being hosting and interpreting for a group of customers from China while they visited the Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Center. During the machine demonstration, the customer’s said how impressed they were with Caterpillar’s technologies, and that gave Rao a sense of pride, to be a part of the team to helps provide our customer’s solutions such as those.

Rao says he enjoys many things about his involvement with CCRG, but most appreciates his membership the most because of the many talented members and leaders that he gets to work with across the company that embrace diversity and inclusion.

“CCRG provides me with a platform to network with leaders across the company who embrace diversity and inclusion.”

He said he appreciates that Caterpillar is supportive to the local Chinese community and believes that Caterpillar employees play a key role in the community.

“Caterpillar certainly makes Peoria, IL a better place to live for the Chinese community!”


Qinyang Rao
Qinyang Rao