Why Diverse Talent Matters - It’s the Power of Everyone

The only thing old school about HR Consultant Kayla Myers is her love for classic TV shows. At work, she keeps her eye on the fresh and new, focusing on welcoming diverse talent and ideas to help Caterpillar continue doing the work that matters.

Kayla Myers loves American TV shows from decades ago – shows like “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Matlock,” and “Cheers.” This may seem odd in an era of Netflix-binging, especially for a millennial like Kayla.

“I like that the shows are from a different time than we are in now,” she explains. “There were no cell phones or constant busy-ness. It was just a simpler time.”

Kayla’s penchant for TV classics is all the more poignant knowing that she fully recognizes the speed at which the world around her is changing – something she sees every day as an HR consultant at Caterpillar.

“Our technology, our company and the way we do business is changing constantly,” she said. “If we stick with the same ideas, and do not generate fresh perspectives, then we’ll become stagnant.”

Kayla understands well the need to recruit people who bring diverse points of view. “By hiring diverse talent, we’re improving the way we can generate ideas and the way we work.”

This commitment to embrace new ideas also extends to the kind of projects that affect her team’s everyday collaboration efforts. For instance, Kayla’s team realized that there was a breakdown of communication between the central and field offices, creating a duplication of work and some confusion as well. To rectify the issue, the teams came together to hear ideas, then implemented a solution. But the work is not over; it’s an ongoing improvement effort.

“Every time we meet, we ask: ‘Is there an improvement we can make? Is there something we’re missing? Is there someone we should include who we haven’t yet?’ We are constantly trying to improve our processes and the way we work together,” she said.

This same principle of constant improvement is what draws her to participate in several employee resource groups (ERGs), especially ACTivate (Active Caterpillar Team), a group that seeks to connect and engage employees who are striving to improve their physical, mental and social well-being to foster a culture of healthy living.

“The group opened my eyes to the fact that our overall health is not just physical health. It also includes mental and financial stability as well,” she said.

Because of her involvement in ACTivate, she’s making her own changes to create a brighter future for herself, such as starting a college fund for her kids (who haven’t yet reached kindergarten) and participating in a 10,000-step challenge.

Inclusivity is pivotal to Caterpillar culture. When you’re a part of Team Caterpillar, your ideas and your work are a part of something bigger. To us, that’s the Power of Everyone. Join us today.