More than a Manufacturing Facility

November 28, 2022

What do hospitals, data centers and the U.S. Government all have in common? They all use components created at Caterpillar’s facility in Pontiac, Illinois. While it may seem like any other manufacturing facility, the work that goes on there plays a major role in the engines that keep the world running. 

In January 1978, Caterpillar acquired what was known as the "old Motorola building," a 137,000-square-foot, one-story building on 103 acres, in Pontiac. This was the result of increasing demand for engines and components, as well as technological changes.  

Two key products produced at Pontiac are fuel injectors and aftertreatment systems. Caterpillar’s fuel injectors hard-coated components deliver up to three times the life expectancy of non-coated components and help prevent dirty fuel erosion, the leading cause of injector failures. Aftertreatment is used to break down and reduce particulate matter (PM) and hydrocarbons, as well as oxides of nitrogen (NOx) leaving the engine to ensure cleaner air is pushed back into the environment. Both components help improve sustainability by extending the life of engines, optimizing fuel efficiency, and creating cleaner exhaust. 

These components make a difference to the businesses relying on them. They go into engines that provide hospitals, like Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL, the power for essential life support to ensure patients are supported in the case of a power outage while meeting strict noise ordinances.  

These engines equip the U.S. government, owner of one of the world’s largest fleets of Caterpillar equipment and engines, with the resources they need to provide security, generate energy and supply critical aid for millions of people around the globe. 

Data centers need a quality and sustainable supply of power to avoid downtime and prioritize a low-carbon future. Some of the world’s largest organizations rely on Cat engines, including these components, for securing data and processes and preventing important information from being compromised or lost. 

The work being done at our Pontiac facility allows progress to happen around the globe. Our manufacturing teams are at the heart of our company, and, without their commitment, the quality products that our customers come to expect from Caterpillar would not be achievable. 

Pontiac Facility Photo
Edwards Hospital
Aftertreatment at Data Center
Assembly at Pontiac