He’s Known as “The Waffle Guy” at Caterpillar

When he started with Caterpillar back in 2012, Noel Zerbonia had no idea that his new career would come with a new nickname. Now working as an Analytics Project Lead, he says he works every day on collecting data in order to provide solutions and decision making tools to our business partners.

Noel says his Caterpillar journey has been all about learning who the people are and what they do. Through analytics, he gets to touch a lot of different areas and “do the work” with collaborative teams to push forward business solutions and solve problems daily.

His work with colleagues throughout the enterprise has led Zerbonia to acquire a unique nickname: “The Waffle Guy.” He is infamously known for bringing waffles and other treats to foster a fun working environment.

“It’s cool to find out who people are on more than a meeting basis,” he says, “it’s great to see what we can do as a fun community as well as a working one.”

Besides the personal impact, Zerbonia states that he gets excited about noticing Caterpillar’s expanding impact as well. He says when he started at Caterpillar, he began noticing all the equipment while driving by.

 “When I think of working at Caterpillar, I think of doing the impossible.”

Zerbonia says the impossible spans to every job area at Caterpillar. With a brother-in-law and two nephews working in manufacturing, he says he sees strength, durability, and capability in building machines that help everyone around the world.

Every single Caterpillar employee moves our company forward; together, we create sustainable, world-changing solutions that impact lives around the globe. Are you ready to join our team? 

Noel Zerbonia Noel Zerbonia

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