Looking Ahead – Career Planning Leads to Career Success

Shortly after she began her career with Caterpillar, Mubeena Azeez says she was asked to develop a career plan and articulate her aspirations and carer goals. Being put on the spot allowed her to identify her interests which she says has helped her in her current position.

In her role as a recruiter, Mubeena has transformed her traditional thinking methods of hiring in innovative ways. On a day to day basis, she speaks with many candidates and gets to know their career aspirations in the same fashion as when she started her job.

When she first joined Caterpillar, Azeez questioned what she wanted from career; however, she says as the days passed, she quickly found her answer.

“Caterpillar provides me with a completely rewarding working life that ensures my long-term happiness. They have helped me plan my career well beyond a simple road map.”

Azeez says her career plan involves both current and future needs, along with opportunities available within Caterpillar based on her vision, passions, and strengths. She says her leaders help her re-visit her plan regularly, identify gaps, create goals and communicate.

Whether it is providing career guidance or an opportunity to learn new skills, your development matters. With career planning, you experience different career opportunities within Caterpillar by moving between our many business units, locations and job functions without ever having to start over at a new company.

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