Impact Makers at Home and Around the World

May 10, 2023

To those who do what it takes to get the job done. The ones who don’t just talk about progress and innovation, but actually make it happen. Your perspectives and experiences help us achieve our best work. And, together, our high-performing team is creating positive change everywhere we live and work. Thank you for making an impact – here, at home and around the world. Happy Mother's Day to our #TeamCaterpillar moms. Get to know a few of them:

Tiffany and her children

Tiffany L., United States - “I had a lot of people ask early in my career if I planned to pursue a more prominent career or have a family. You don't have choose. I've been able to continuously grow in my career, while also balancing an active role in my children's sporting events, volunteer for school activities, over the top birthday party planner, and even avid family travel agent.” 

Tatiana and her son

Tatiana S., Brazil  - “Between Maternity and career, I choose both! Motherhood changed me. It made me understand my priorities better, to have more empathy and it even impacted my professional profile.” 

Thitiporn and her children

Thitiporn T., Thailand - “When my son spotted Cat machines on the side road, he always says, “that is my mom’s product.” His pride in my work was obvious, and it was the best feeling. Having kids makes me a better person because I realize modeling is the best way to teach.”

Watcharee and her son

Watcharee W., Thailand - “My kid is a powerful motivation that helps me overcome any challenging situation, especially every time he says, “I love mom.” 

Suzy and Cat Machine

Suzy L., Mexico - “I’ve been working at Caterpillar Torreon for the last 22 years, my first and only job and where I’ve been development both professionally and personally as a mom. Being a mother at Caterpillar is a reason of proud and security to me, because I feel safe here to work and support my daughters, Cat helped me to be on both roles, employee and mother, supporting mi professionals and personal needs. For this and all that Cat has being supporting in my development, I’m yellow blood! Thank you Cat!” 

Lourdes and Cat Machine

Lourdes M., Mexico - “I’m working as an assortment assistant within a distribution center. I started working for this great company in March of 2001, so I have been at the plant for 22 years. It’s hard to be a mother when there’s a big professional responsibility since there’s some time when I can’t be with my children and my family, but I am convinced of overcoming the daily challenges and reaching my professional goals.”

When you join Team Caterpillar, you will have a variety of options and support available to you to live the life you want for yourself- work included.