Morton Employees Use Technology 365 Days a Year to Make Impact Around the Globe

Our facilities produce and deliver quality products around the globe. But none of that would be possible without the people behind the iron. One facility in particular has people hard at work each day to provide for our customers.

Opened in 1956, the Morton Parts Distribution center has over three million square feet of warehouse and yard space and is a hub for Caterpillar parts distribution for customers and dealers around the world. Morton currently employs over 2500 employees, who are using ground breaking technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

This type of technology moves the needle forward and makes everyday tasks more efficient. Morton began using self-driving vehicles to transport materials in 2018, which mimics the technology of some of Caterpillar’s large autonomous vehicles. Caterpillar employees are now able to move material and manufacture more parts while increasing safety.

Another advancement includes automated storage and retrieval systems, which are some of the newest additions to the facility. These systems pick products and deliver them to a Caterpillar employee to scan them and ensure that the right product goes to the right customer.

Morton employees get a little helping the small hand-picked parts area of the facility with a technology called “Lydia,” who helps guide them on which part to pick through a headset. Lydia helps employees reduce errors and she uses voice recognition to understand the employees.

As a Caterpillar manufacturing professional, you’ll make sure our customers get the quality products they need to build our world’s infrastructure. And you’ll do it in modern, clean, safe environments equipped with the latest technologies.

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