Caterpillar Demonstrator Instructors Building the Future of Skilled Trades with Morgan Corp

The Caterpillar demonstration team based at the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center work every day to train customers from all over the world. This talented team helps customers like Morgan Corp develop skilled trade workers which are vital to the industries we serve.

Morgan Corp’s technology and training department recently visited Edwards to instruct new interns on how to operate the Cat® products and technology they would encounter on their project sites. First the interns received classroom training which was later followed by time in the dirt in which the Caterpillar Demonstrator Instructors (DI’s) taught them the basics of operating equipment in the field.

At the core of programs like this are Caterpillar’s highly skilled DI’s who come to the facility with a minimum 10 years’ experience operating machines. They impact our business, and the industries we serve, by ensuring that work sites have skilled workers on the job who know how to best operate equipment for efficiency.

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