Partnership Enables Customer Service Success

September 23, 2021


When you think of Cat® Services you might think of a dealer repair shop or remanufactured products – and while both of those are services offered by Caterpillar, the suite and reach expands far beyond that. Just ask Nasser Bragança.

As a MineStar Application Specialist, Nasser works to deliver value to customers using autonomous trucks on mine sites. He does so by providing MineStar expertise to enhance the customer’s ability to effectively leverage their products and solutions. Nasser isn’t providing this service from an office hundreds of miles away, though. Rather, he’s on site to ensure the customer is able to make the most out of the MineStar solution.

Nasser says that he is encouraged in his role to go above and beyond to support the customer’s needs, even if it is outside the scope of his immediate role. “This is what is most important about services. It's a true partnership to ensure everything runs well. Our solutions enable success, but the services are what make that success sustainable,” Nasser says.

Going above and beyond to keep our customers building a better world is all in a day’s work for Team Caterpillar. Do you have what it takes to join the team?

Nasser Bragança