Pride for Products that Power the Globe

December 5, 2018

When you ask Michael Dickson about his career at Caterpillar, pride comes to mind. As a facility trainer, Dickson is able to share his pride for the products which power the globe to other employees.

Early in his career, Michael Dickson spent his time working in call centers, but after 14 years, he grew tired of the white-collar profession, and knew it was time for something different. It was with that, Dickson decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, who worked at Caterpillar for 35 years, by becoming a Facility Trainer.

Ever since making the switch, Dickson says he’s been happy and proud to tell others he works at Caterpillar because of the globally known brand.

“We make things here, quality products, that literally power the world.”

Caterpillar products can be found just about anywhere around the world, and Michael is proud to tell people about the impact that can have.  “Caterpillar products power the world, but not just the world also our community…we have Cat generators being used in hospitals to keep power running, and that stretches around the globe to military bases as well as disaster relief sites…Caterpillar is there.”

It is obvious to everyone around that Dickson takes his pride in the Cat brand and put’s it directly into the work he does daily. Each day Dickson said he is excited to come to work for the opportunity to interact with the new hires. He enjoys being their first impression and helping those who may have no previous experience in the manufacturing environment, learn to be successful and produce quality products safely, every day.

“I want others to have the same pride as I do while working for Caterpillar,” says Dickson, “I know that’s what everyone says, but we say it because it’s true.”

Dickson said ultimately “working together as a team to build superior products from start to finish ensures that the job is done right and that customers get reliable machines.”

We know teamwork is critical to success, and our people are the backbone of Caterpillar.  Are you ready to join our team and do work that matters?

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