Cybersecurity Intern // People Person

Meghan Rest, a cybersecurity intern at Caterpillar, has found a comfortable environment at Caterpillar surrounded by a team of diverse, supportive and likeminded individuals. This type of culture and a generational tie to the company is what initially put it at the top of her consideration list. “My dad currently works at Caterpillar, and my mom used to. Because of that, Caterpillar was super familiar to me and I was very comfortable with their values as a company.”

Rest says the people are everything with regard to her role. She says each individual on her team cares about her as a person just as much as their care about her skills and the quality of work she drives. In her work she is exposed to a variety of projects and has the flexibility to develop as not only an employee, but an individual.

“Everyone I’m around is constantly pushing me and encouraging my growth,” says Meghan, “Caterpillar employees seem focused on the relationships they have with each other and how they can continue to improve and extend those relationships to our customers.”

Ultimately Meghan says she wants her career to reflect what she’s passionate about.

“One thing I didn’t expect out of my internship was being treated more like a full-time employee, rather than an intern.”

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