Data Engineer // Digital Mastermind

As a recent college grad, Matt Fletcher’s career journey has been made possible by opportunity.

“I have had a lot of opportunities at Caterpillar, whatever I’ve wanted to do there has been an ability to do it.”

He started back in 2015 as an intern, and completed three different internships by the time he reached graduation. Each internship gave him a different opportunity to do a variety of tasks in the digital space.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, he knew he wanted to focus on the data side of things, and Caterpillar was a natural fit.

As a Data Engineer, Fletcher focuses on working to store, organize and interpret data for our customers and the enterprise. He encourages graduates to consider Caterpillar as an employer because of the strong investment it has in data science initiatives.

“I’ve learned way more at Caterpillar than in school,” said Matt.

Fletcher takes pride in knowing the work he does makes a direct impact on the world – as he gets to see our products being used everywhere. The technology he works on and platforms he builds allows our machines to not only be better, but smarter. This ultimately makes our customers successful and leads to the growth of the world.

However, the work isn’t always easy. When things get difficult, Matt likes to remember the quote from Thomas Edison, “If there’s a way to do it better…find it.”  

“The work I do at Caterpillar is complicated and difficult. Quotes like this help me press on and call me to go deeper than I think is possible. It also motivates me when I imagine how happy our customers will be when we solve the problem,” said Matt, “I think this mindset has led to a lot of the success I’ve had in the work I’ve done for Caterpillar.”

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