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“What future do you see for me at Caterpillar?” This is the question that Fluid Dynamic Engineer, Marua Mohanty, asked during her interview with Caterpillar. The response she received is what sealed the deal for her. “Our Vice President is a woman.” In that moment, Marua knew that being a woman in a historically male dominated industry would not be a barrier to her growth at Caterpillar. Now, she uses her passion and engineering expertise to execute testing simulations to ensure function and efficiency.  

Based in Chennai, India, Marua began her career in the Leadership Development Program, which sent her to Japan to develop a singular cooling system for a new chassis design fit for a wide range of excavators. “I could see my design changes implemented on the actual machines, bringing my work to life. It didn’t matter how many years of experience I had, Caterpillar focuses on performance, talent, and skills.” In fact, Marua’s very first onsite assignment in Japan gave her the opportunity to present design issues to a group of facility leaders. “The general manager asked me what my thoughts were. This gave me a lot of confidence because I didn’t know how my work would be significant in such a big company, but having people listen to me and ask for my opinion helped me see that I have a future at Caterpillar.”

Currently, Marua executes virtual simulations to test solutions for cooling systems before they are produced. This method of development both reduces cost and increases quality.  As she continues to grow her career and increase her knowledge and skills, Marua wants to use simulations to provide insights on the performance of our products while they are up and running in order to keep them that way, minimizing the downtime for customers.

The team that Marua works with has made a huge impact on her career. “I will always say that ‘we’ have accomplished things because I know I am backed by my team and manager.” Marua’s experience at Caterpillar has given her the opportunity to pursue her passions and interests and share her knowledge and skills. Caterpillar knows that passionate and engaged employees result in solutions that help our customers build a better world. Search and apply for the opportunity that excites you today. 


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