Facility Engineer // Military Vet

After 30 years in the UK Airforce, Martin Barlow decided to take flight on a new career path and join the Caterpillar team as a Facility Engineer. To assist with the transition, he turned to the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP), a program that helps veterans secure a job on the outside through resume help, interview tips and a special job board.

When he came across Caterpillar’s job listing, he remembered several friends that said it was a good company with high retention rates, which mattered to Martin. Since his start in September as a Facility Engineer, he says he’s been impressed with the structure, environment and as it reminds him of several roles, he had earlier in his career with the Air Force. 

“Like the military, you always know where you stand in terms of success. People at Caterpillar work hard to do things correctly and there’s a lot of opportunity for growth here.”

For fellow veterans, Martin’s advice is to “go for it!” He says Caterpillar is a great place for those entering civilian life and looking for their next step.

“Caterpillar offers the opportunity for variety – I never know what my next phone call is going to say. You step away from the military but there’s still the opportunity to travel and move around. If you can stay with the company but move sideways, it refreshes your point of view and enhances your learning.”

Are you a veteran looking for your next career move? Join the Caterpillar team! Search and apply for jobs today.