Five Things You Didn’t Know About Caterpillar’s Marketing Training Class

Once a graduate of the Marketing Rep Development Program at Caterpillar, Jon Metz now helps others in their career journeys by working as a Marketing Recruiting and Development Manager for the same program.

Jon Metz graduated from Bradley University and went straight into the Marketing Training Class (MTC)with Caterpillar after college. He spent time as a Technology Solutions Representative in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ontario working with dealers and customers on machine control and guidance and telematics products. After spending time in the field, Jon moved into some staff roles at Caterpillar before starting his current position.

“I’ve loved this job – I have a huge drive and passion for people and setting them up for success,” said Jon, “I love to give back to the program that gave me so much to me when I first came to the company.”

The Marketing Rep Development Program provides individuals a unique opportunity tobe exposed to all parts of the enterprise and serve as a representative to both dealers and customers. Here are five things you should about the program:

1.       It’s Not Just for Undergrads

Jon encourages individuals in all steps of their career journey to learn more about the role. The program can be a fit for early talent graduating college, mid-career individuals, or experienced professionals who have a desire to directly help serve our dealers and customers.

2.       It’s a Travel Heavy Role once You’re in the Field

After the first four months of training, you’ll complete a variety of development rotations over a two to three-year span. During that development, your travel will be 25-30%. Then you’ll be assigned a field role, covering a certain area of the United States. Once in the field, you’ll spend 50-70% of your time traveling while building a deep relationship with our dealers and customers.

3.       You Develop Both Personal and Professional Skills

The first four months of the program focus on building candidates both personally and professionally in order to prepare them for the field. Skills include: presentation skills, writing and communication, emotional intelligence, negotiating, handling difficult situations and more.

4.       You’ll Learn More Than Just Marketing

This is where you get to learn a little about everything we do as a company, Jon says. “There is an investment made to set you up for success, to teach you the products, the processes and the tools and develop the network of experts you need to make a positive impact.” This includes facility tours to show you the R&D and quality that goes into the product.

5.       All Backgrounds are Welcome

“It’s not just about the major you are, or the experiences you’ve had, it’s about anchoring to our values and what attributes help drive our success,” says Jon. He says they care about what you as an individual can bring to the table in experiences and skills that can help continue to drive future success. There have been individuals with engineering, business, communications, human resource backgrounds who have previously joined the program and found great success.

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