Caterpillar Isn’t Just a Business, it’s a Lifestyle

Growing up on a family farm Marcela Gillen has been around heavy machinery her whole life, but she never thought that one day she’d be operating them. When she was young, she says her fondest memory was being able to sit on her father’s lap behind the wheel while he operated heavy machinery, and today she still gets excited for the opportunity to operate Caterpillar equipment.

 “The feeling you get you physically move the earth and feel the hydraulic fluid running through the machine is incredible,” says Gillen, “I think that’s where a lot of yellow blood comes from.”

Today Marcela works as a Marketing Specialist for Caterpillar although she started her time with Cat several years ago as an intern.  

Marcela says, when she visits a customer’s job site, the number one thing she does is listen. And she appreciates that she has the ability to relate to so many of Caterpillar’s customers.

“It’s hard not to have a contagious energy around people who are self-made, hardworking, and using our equipment to get the job done.”

Gillen says she enjoys seeing that customers are using a solution, not just one machine, to run their businesses. In addition to equipment, they’re provided an end to end solution with data to help manage their day to day activities.

When asked to describe Caterpillar and our customers:

“In the end, Caterpillar is a lifestyle, not just a business.”  

At Caterpillar, we value what is important to you. We strive to bring passion and different perspectives to our customers every day in order to help them build a better world.

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