A Career in Manufacturing can have a Global Impact.

Brian Grimmett says the thing he loves most about his job at Caterpillar is that he knows he’s making a difference in all aspects of his life. He says since starting his career in Supplier Quality in 2009, he’s been provided many opportunities to positively impact the quality of machines that are built.

Grimmett says each day and week brings forth different obstacles and objectives. One day he could be diagnosing engine related failures, painting components, performing investigations and failure analysis, or working behind the computer. He says the most important skill he’s refining each day is his adaptability to ever changing daily obstacles.

Before coming in as a part of the Supplier Quality group, Grimmett did not expect or realize exactly how often his department interacts with such a wide range of different functional areas within Caterpillar and with companies outside of Caterpillar.

“I think most people underestimate the significance of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing across the globe is responsible for many countries' economical health and exports.”

With 150 locations in countries around the world, what you create at Caterpillar travels and helps people around the world. We are accountable to the communities where we live and work. Grimmett says in this consumer driven age of demanding the best product, manufacturing is guided to be more productive, innovative, & sustainable.

“These guiding principles flow from manufacturing companies to build better communities and the world around us.”