Manufacturing and You: It’s About Building More Than Machines

How does it feel to make something that makes life better for people around the globe? As a Caterpillar manufacturing professional, you’ll know—because every day you’ll make sure our customers get the quality products they need to build our world’s infrastructure.

But did you know, over the next decade, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed? These jobs are both highly skilled and well paid. From welders to manufacturing engineers to human resources, there are a variety of manufacturing careers in today’s industry.

According to a recent report from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, 80 percent of manufacturers report a moderate or serious shortage of qualified applicants for skilled and highly-skilled production positions.

To help with recruitment problems in this industry, manufacturers celebrate Manufacturing Day to show young Americans first-hand what today’s manufacturing jobs are like. Caterpillar joins this annual celebration as manufacturing is the core of our company. There are big jobs being done around the globe—building critical infrastructure, bolstering local economies, meeting the demand for energy—and that work is powered by our customers and our people. Every single Caterpillar employee moves our company forward. Piece by piece, part by part, person by person. Together we work to create sustainable, world-changing solutions that impact lives around the globe. 

The Caterpillar team takes great pride in the work they do daily, check out these videos to find out why they think manufacturing is important:  

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