Each Day is Different at Caterpillar

Maraike Mandel has gotten to experience a little bit of everything at Caterpillar. After completing her studies in 2013, she began her journey in the manufacturing engineering department where she worked until March 2017.

Currently, Maraike spends her time in the test cell department working on operations and research and development projects. She says one thing about her job people may be surprised about is the fact that she often works on the shop floor, instead of only in the office.

“What I love most about my job is that every day is different because of the great variety in tasks.”

Each day brings something new for Mariake, but a glimpse into her typical routine includes morning meetings to discuss safety and quality issues as well as NPI meetings which update her on the status of projects.

 “I think the most important skills to my functional area are flexibility and creativity because of the different tasks”

In order to be successful in a similar position, Mandel recommends having an ability collaborate well and work on teams.“At the core, I think empathy is also very important to understand all of the different positions at Caterpillar.”

At Caterpillar, we respect the unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of all of our employees. Different perspectives help us achieve our best work and enable our company to make positive changes in the communities where we live and work. Are you ready to join our team and build a better world?


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