She’s seen the manufacturing industry change over the past 40 years, but says Caterpillar’s quality remains the same

Maggie Loyd started her Caterpillar journey 44 years ago and says she has enjoyed seeing the manufacturing industry evolve over time – and Caterpillar along with it.

Maggie Loyd’s Caterpillar story began in 1974 when she moved to Peoria, IL in search of a job. She says that at the time, Caterpillar was hiring and there was a great demand for workers.

“The world had evolved around embracing women [in the workplace], so getting a job at Caterpillar worked out well for me,” said Loyd.

Today, she’s with the same company that has helped her reach her goals as a Line Inspector. Loyd says she’s enjoyed working in the world of manufacturing because it provides the opportunity to see products being built from beginning to end.

“Manufacturing is good for the community because it puts money back into the economy,” said Loyd, “it keeps jobs and creates the security to keep our families going.”

Throughout her years of experience, Loyd has seen the manufacturing industry grow and change, but the one thing that has remained consistent is Caterpillar’s work. Loyd said she thinks working at Caterpillar means bringing the past and present together to work towards the same objectives for our customers, and that together we truly “Do The Work.”

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