Making an Impact: Women in Mining

Lika Scott Sow finds opportunity in all situations. As a Global Mining Sales Rep in West Africa, she works as an advocate for customers and women within the industry. In 2020, Lika was included in the biennial 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining award book. The recipients of this award were selected because of their work to make mining a stronger, safer and more sustainable industry for all.

Inspired to empower female representation and leadership within the mining industry, Lika founded the Women in Mining Senegal organization in 2012. It was the first organization in Senegal to regroup members with diverse competencies and promote female leadership in the mining industry. Today, the organization is recognized as a major advocate for a more gender-balanced industry.

 “Achieving a more diverse and inclusive mining industry has become a generation’s duty. Each one of us can advocate for women’s empowerment and leadership by raising awareness, creating a safe working environment and capacity building,” Lika says.

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