Mentors, Managers, and Leaders: The Recipe for this Caterpillar Employee’s Success

Lavanya Ajesh accepted a job after completing school, and in her 10+ years with Caterpillar, she has never looked back. Ajesh began as a business analyst, and quickly moved on to a variety of other roles before landing her current position as a Marketing and Sales Operations Rep.

So, what has kept her around after all these years? Ajesh says the mentors, managers and leaders she’s worked with have had a big influence on her career, and the learning and development she has gained through her variety of job roles is an opportunity she believes she couldn’t find at another company.  

“Caterpillar can offer you a lot, provided you deliver in your current role and show your enthusiasm for the next one,” says Ajesh, “There are some exemplary careers in this company, it treats employees well.”

Ajesh says she still gets excited to come to work every day because of the people she works with. She enjoys the ability to develop and implement ideas that create an impact for our customers. 

In her personal life, Ajesh and her husband enjoy traveling and experiencing the world. At Caterpillar, she gets the same pleasure by traveling for her role. She says Caterpillar is great for work life balance because her role is tailored to fit her personality and life choices. 

“I spend 70% of my waking time working- almost a 100% when I am on the road. This is not incidental, but deliberate. It gives me purpose, it gives me worth and it makes me believe I have a role to play in the world I live in.” 

However, she couldn’t do it alone. Ajesh says Caterpillar employees help build a better world because everything around us is impacted by the work they do. 

Although many skills are necessary to be successful, Ajesh shares the advice that her job is for self-starters – people who are brimming to take on initiatives and bring them to completion.  

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