Leveraging a degree in Chemistry to help our customers be more efficient

“When I tell people I graduated with a chemistry degree and work at Caterpillar, they don’t put two and two together.”

Lauren Christopher graduated from college with a chemistry degree, but she never thought she’d end up working as a Development Engineer at Caterpillar.

“Coming out of school with a chemistry degree and telling people I work at Caterpillar as a chemist, sometimes they don’t put two and two together,” said Christopher, “however, little do people know, Caterpillar has chemists, biochemists, and even a zoologist.”

Christopher grew up watching her grandpa work in the Caterpillar patent office and host the company Christmas program, but she didn’t think it would be a place she would also have a career. After graduation, a friend recommended her for a role in the SOS services laboratory, and she has worked with that department ever since.  

Christopher’s primary focus is to assist the dealers in providing fluid analysis (on oil, coolant, and fuel samples) which they use to help their customers upkeep their fleet, manage downtime, and reduce operating costs.

 “We’re constantly trying to evolve our processes to make sure the dealers and customers are overall more profitable.”

One main way they do this is by embodying the “Let’s Do the Work” slogan. Christopher says she thinks of the constant partnership to do the work that helps both the dealers and customers.

At the end of the day, Christopher believes all work loops back to innovation and pride at Caterpillar and says the sense of community within Caterpillar, and family history are what make her “bleed yellow.”

“Caterpillar is a staple in our community, and you get a lot of pride being able to say you’re a part of that.”

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