It’s All About the Customer, For This Caterpillar Employee And Her Team.

When it was time for Laura Ruiz-Santamaria to begin her job search, Caterpillar was one of her first stops at the career fair. The crowd of people surrounding the booth and strong reputation of the brand encouraged Ruiz to apply.  She accepted a co-op position after graduation, and when that placement came to an end, she applied for a full-time position working in logistics. 

Now, after several years, she’s helping her team manufacture superior products as a Section Manager.  

“I’m really proud of the work my team and I put forth each day to bring a superior quality product to our customers.” 

Whether it be developing new solutions, or powering up communities with new resources, Ruiz says she enjoys seeing the impact Caterpillar machines have in the field with customers.  

“When I think about Caterpillar, I think about progress and change, said Ruiz.It makes me proud to know that we can make something to empower our customers now and for generations to come.”

When it comes to helping customers, Ruiz says it couldn’t be done alone, and that working at Caterpillar is ultimately about a team coming together to do whatever it takes to meet a customer’s goals, whether it be on the line or in the offices. 

Ruiz sums up her entire Caterpillar experience in one word, success. She says having yellow blood goes beyond personal achievement, it’s all about the end result. 

“Having yellow blood to me is being proud of the products that we deliver to our customer,” said Ruiz. It goes back to our reputation and being around over 100 years.”

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Laura Ruiz-Santamaria
Laura Ruiz-Santamaria