A Global Environment Both at Work and at Home

Kevin Bacon’s journey through Caterpillar has been a winding, global one. Since starting at Caterpillar, he has held a variety of roles both in the United Kingdom and the Unites States such as: design engineer, team lead and industry tech representative.  Today Kevin currently works as a Product Support Manager.

Kevin said it was early in his career with Caterpillar that he realized how global the company was; he said this amplified his desire to be a part of something bigger. That desire paired with Caterpillar’s values and culture are what have given his career with Caterpillar the life it has.

In Kevin’s current position, it is the wide-reaching engagement on a global team that he experiences each day that excites him to come to work every morning. He says on a daily basis he communicates with his extended team in the USA, Brazil, and Japan.

“It’s exciting to collaborate with amazing people who are doing an amazing job to support our customers, add value to the company and find solutions to ensure dealer and customer success.”

Kevin spends his days working to ensure field communications are clear and delivered through our customers and dealers. His team works to identify problems and resolve quality issues through product development. Success means many things for Kevin: from delivering results at work, to personally developing himself and his team towards progress, leadership, and legacy, and providing support for his family.

Beyond his global team, Kevin’s family is also globally diverse. Kevin and his wife, Astrid, are both from South Africa and have two boys, Aedan who was born in the UK, and Ryan who was born in the US. Kevin considers his family fortunate to have visited many destinations in Africa, Europe, and the US (and he’s been to over 50 countries on his own!)

With 150 locations in countries around the world, what you create at Caterpillar travels and helps people around the world. Want to make a difference? Search and apply for jobs today!