“Learning Does Not Have Any Limits”

Karthikeyan Kumar joined the Caterpillar India team in July 2018 in a role completely different than he was used to; however, he thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and jumping barriers during his probation periods.

After eight months with Caterpillar of working as a Section Manager with CFT, completing On Job training and CLMS Courses, Kumar said he has grown as an individual and as part of a team. In addition, Kumar said that Caterpillar’s investment in giving him greater power and responsibility has helped him move in the direction of his career aspirations.

“Learning does not have limits. I feel included at work by being enabled to work without restrictions pertaining to my job role and profile, and continuously developing myself by learning across other departments and understanding their end-to-end processes and procedures.”

At Caterpillar, wherever we work, whatever we do, we share a single set of values that unite our company. We live and work by these values - integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment - which means we treat each other with respect and value each individual's contribution.

Kumar says the Caterpillar values that resonate the most with him and are essential to his career are integrity and teamwork. Are you ready to join our team and build what matters?