Training Opportunities Lead to a Thirteen Year Career

After 13 years with Caterpillar, Kari Donaho looks back on her success as a Fabrication Specialist and the training she received when she was first hired.

Prior to starting her career with Caterpillar, Kari had some experience welding, but didn’t have an expanded skillset for the job in which she had applied for. Thankfully, Donaho says she had a great team who trained her and helped her build the skills she has today; now, she works on various projects and sees her work being implemented across the globe.

“Caterpillar products are everywhere – it’s so neat to go to different places and see them all around.”

So why is Doanho passionate about welding? She says it is the ability to take raw materials and turn it into something bigger. It takes more than just one person; it’s an entire team doing the work - from designers, to engineers, to manufacturers.

Kari believes manufacturing is a critical industry because it’s embedded in everything we do, and the skills she has developed in manufacturing and with Caterpillar can be used to advance not only in the industry but also in personal and professional growth.

“Manufacturing means opportunity, it’s everywhere.”

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