“As soon as I decided to return to work, I immediately thought of Caterpillar.”

In her early working years at Caterpillar India, Jyotsna Balasubramanian had a successful career, a new marriage, and hope for new beginnings. She says her time was spent learning new things every day, exploring opportunities, and coming out of situations with a win-win. She described her job as very challenging and rewarding.

After a couple years in her career Jyotsna began a family, and she and her husband were not sure if they could concentrate equally on their careers. It was then that she decided to take a break from employment.

“I spoke to my managers at Caterpillar who were very understanding and supportive of my decision.  They also suggested that I consider Caterpillar first, whenever I wanted to resume employment.”

Jyotsna wanted to make sure both of her kids were reasonably able to take care of themselves before returning to work, but it was always her plan to one day return. “Being independent and making the most of my hard-earned academic qualifications was my childhood dream. Getting back to a fulfilling career path was always at the back of my mind.”

 “As soon as I decided to return to work, I immediately thought of Caterpillar.”

Jyotsna polished up her resume, and returned to the same office five years later to interview for the second time. She said she felt a little short on confidence, nervous, and anxious; however, after she was selected, she thanked her managers and mentors for helping her learn how to balance life and work both personally and professionally.

When reflecting on her experience, Jyotsna says, “I am satisfied that I am able to progress equally at my career path and personal life. There are a lot of trainings/resource group sessions at Caterpillar that help women overcome any predicament and guide them in the right way.”

“It is now four years since I have re-joined Caterpillar and I am happy that I made the right choice.”

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