Besides a Love for Iron, Caterpillar Employees Have This Thing in Common

Working for Caterpillar provides an opportunity to explore many different roles.  Juliette Raemy enjoys her position with Caterpillar, because she can explore the breadth of opportunity available at Caterpillar. As an intern in Geneva, Switzerland, Juliette will spend 13 months understanding the different divisions within Caterpillar while working on her own projects.

Juliette first saw a career opportunity with Caterpillar in a posting on LinkedIn.  This post drove her interest to apply because of the many different roles and backgrounds it was sourcing to hire at the time. She said she was intrigued by the number of opportunities within one company, which was exactly what she was looking for as a material science engineer. Once hired, Juliette was exposed to many of the job roles available throughout the company.

“In my team we are diverse in job roles but also every day is a different task and I like that about working here – each day is different than the last.”

Through her interactions with a diverse group of employees at Caterpillar, Juliette found that each of them had one thing in common: passion for the work they do.

Juliette’s favorite project during her internship was actually her first, as it involved organizing a customer event in Spain. She worked on showing customers various solutions for waste and recycling which provided hands on experience with helping customers grow their businesses.

After finding passion in her internship, Juliette encourages others that Caterpillar would be a great fit for anyone seeking the same experience.

 “Even if machines aren’t what you’re passionate about, this company makes you love what you do.”

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