Caterpillar Is More Than Equipment to This Employee

Some may think of Caterpillar as just an equipment company, but employees like John Nam are encouraging others that it’s much more than machines, it’s an experience. Nam, a data scientist at Caterpillar, enjoys attending conferences through the Korean Resource Group (KRG) and introducing potential job candidates to all the possibilities Caterpillar has to offer.

At these conferences, he shares with potential candidates all the fields that are available similar to his position such as data analytics, machine learning, etc. He also enjoys KRG because it provides an opportunity to share his culture with others through various events.

 “As a Korean, I want to introduce my culture to my colleagues,” says Nam, “I also want to introduce Caterpillar to Korean communities in the U.S.”

One of his favorite KRG events that allowed him to express his culture and interact with his colleagues was a membership picnic – all KRG members got together and shared Korean food while participating in a variety of fun activities in order to interact and build relationships.

Besides his involvement in KRG, Nam says he enjoys the opportunities available for him to improve his career and skills through diversified projects. He says he enjoys his work-life balance which allows him to work more efficiently and achieve results.

“I like my work-life balance at Caterpillar. When I lived in Korea before I worked for Caterpillar, it was hard to have a dinner with my family. Now I can spend more time with them.”