Building a Better World Through Volunteering

For John Janes, Saturday’s are a time to roll up your sleeves and do the work. During the week, you will find him in Cary, North Carolina working as a Marketing & Sales Support Manager for Caterpillar. But on the weekends, John is often found volunteering his time with Habitat for Humanity.

Caterpillar’s Building Construction Products (BCP) division partners with their local Habitat organization to volunteer and build affordable houses for those in need. In John’s own words, “Habitat for Humanity addresses the need for families to be safe, secure and comfortable.”

“We are building neighborhoods, but most importantly, positive communities,” John says.

Recently, Caterpillar sponsored and provided volunteers for a whole home construction of a house in Raleigh, N.C. John dedicated nearly every Saturday during the 10-week construction period to help build the house. After the project was done, he continued his passion by volunteering for Habitat outside of the Caterpillar-sponsored project.

John finds motivation in making others happy and building communities.

“We finished up volunteering on a Saturday and as I was leaving that neighborhood where Habitat had built 80 houses, I noticed seven children playing outside. This was rare because we live in a world filled with digital entertainment. I realized that I was observing a community, a neighborhood of families living and growing together. That’s how I stay motivated,” John says.

Caterpillar employees do great things at work – creating, building and innovating – but that’s just the beginning. Our team does amazing things outside of work, too. Employees like John Janes live out Our Values in Action each day by building, living and volunteering in the communities we serve.

John says: “We are not finished, we are just getting started. We are building a better world.”