When it Comes to Inclusion, We Don’t See a Finish Line to the Work

Creating an inclusive culture is done through the continuous practice of improvement. Johanna Hladun, Global Chair of the Caterpillar Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) Employee Resource Group (ERG), explains, “Caterpillar's approach to inclusion is not an initiative or project, it's a continuum. When you have that approach, you are moving towards sustainable behavior.” 

Inclusion for All, By All

Founded in 2006, WIN provides personal and professional development opportunities to women and men across Caterpillar. Today, there are over 5k members in 70+ chapters located around the world whose focus is leveraging diversity to deliver business impact. Johanna says, “I believe in WIN, and inclusion and diversity more broadly, because a diverse organization is an innovative organization. Diversity allows for an adept and adaptable workforce, and the ability to easily morph to an ever-changing work environment to support the overall success of Caterpillar.” 

WIN’s work encourages women leaders and male allies to support and facilitate different perspectives at every level of Caterpillar. “WIN partners with business units to deliver sustainable attraction, development and retention of women at every level of experience. We do this through a number of initiatives that support identified business challenges and can be replicated at the local chapter level to deliver impact,” Johanna says.

Johanna Hladun
Johanna Hladun

The support for WIN’s work from senior leadership demonstrates an increased understanding of the impact female representation across the enterprise can have on business results. “Women are an important part of Caterpillar’s ability to effectively reflect and serve the communities where we live and the customers we support,” Johanna says. Reflecting on the recently recognized International Women’s Day, Johanna says, “Caterpillar’s celebration, both internally and externally, of International Women’s Day is one example of how Caterpillar demonstrates that importance.”

Building Trust to Solve Business Problems

Johanna joined Caterpillar as the Executive Director of Compliance Review following a 21-year career with the FBI.

As with compliance, creating a more inclusive culture takes the Power of Everyone through individual contributions, big and small, of the everyday employee to effect the sustainable change we want to see in our enterprise and industry.

Doing the Work for the Next Generation

“In this continuum of growth, it is an exciting time for women and men within the enterprise to be a part of Caterpillar's commitment to inclusion and diversity,” Johanna says. Are you ready to be a part of a better tomorrow?