A Big Move Paid Off for this Caterpillar Employee

As Jia Rong Yang submitted his application for an internship with Caterpillar, Jia Rong Yang had no idea that he’d soon make a permanent move to Japan to work on the Akashi campus. Yang took an opportunity to step out of his comfort zone and enter a different technical discipline, although he says that at the time, he had little experience in the construction industry.

Though he began with little knowledge of Caterpillar and the construction industry, Yang said by the end of his internship, his admiration and respect for Caterpillar grew after he had the opportunity to grow and participate in many global projects.

These global projects opened multiple avenues for Yang and cultivated a new perspective for him regarding both technical and management methods. Though it was a big decision to relocate to Japan, he felt confident in his decision.

“With the endless support from my team and leadership, I’m enthusiastic about being enabled to make my own positive impact at Caterpillar,” said Yang.

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