For One Caterpillar Intern, Work Feels More Like Home.

Yellow blood runs deep for this Caterpillar intern – Jesse Burford said he wanted to work at Caterpillar since he was a young boy. The idea first came to him after seeing his grandfather, an engineer at Caterpillar, retire after a lifelong career.

Burford he says he’s never seen his grandfather prouder than the day he accepted his internship. Beyond family ties, he says the opportunity for growth and job variety were what drove his decision to select Caterpillar.

Today Burford works as an Accounting intern and is energized in his career because of the people he works with and the culture Caterpillar creates.

“I feel valued as an intern because I have been given meaningful assignments.”

Burford’s role requires a diverse range of skillsets from effective communication to the ability to understand and adapt to new technology. Although communication is key to any industry, Burford says he believes it is essential at Caterpillar. He says the global footprint and diversity requires open communication daily, and when it comes to technical skills, Caterpillar has provided the training and knowledge development necessary for continued growth and success.

Burford says it is more than just the projects and diversity of work that make his job meaningful; the people are what really make Caterpillar great. He says he enjoys feeling connected to his coworkers and knowing that he can rely on them to do a great job (and vice versa), and that they are able to do that in an open and flexible work environment.

“It speaks volumes to me that not everything here has to be formal, because it makes work feel a lot more like home.”

Buford says he’s happy to work for a company with a strong brand and alongside employees who work hard to build a better world.

“Employees at Caterpillar help build a better world each day by providing quality equipment and outstanding customer service to people across the world.”

About Jesse

School: Eureka College

Major: Accounting and Business Administration

Fun Fact: In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors by fishing, boating, playing sports and more!