An Unexpected Career Path That Lead to Community Involvement

After graduating college, Jana Mitchell was on the hunt for her dream job in the education field when her career plans took a turn. During her search for work for in Texas, she heard of a Caterpillar facility being built close to home. Having grown up in the family construction business, Mitchell said she saw a perfect opportunity to work for a company she had known since childhood. Today, Mitchell puts her education degree to work by teaching and mentoring others in her role as an Inventory Control Analyst.

“What I love most about being a Caterpillar employee is the feeling I get when I see Caterpillar machinery all around and the pride I feel to know that I am part of it all.”, Mitchell says her time at Caterpillar has introduced her to many different cultures and ways of life, including the armed forces. Although she did not grow up in a military family, she says she has become very passionate via her involvement with Caterpillar’s employee resource group (ERG), the Armed Forces Support Network (AFSN).

One particular event that impacted her was the creation of AFSN’s “Hero Wall of Honor” in a local facility.  This wall was incorporated to honor men and women in the armed forces by listing their names, ranks, and branches on a plaque. The wall took a lot of hard work and careful planning, Mitchell says, and the entire project was unveiled at a ceremony in front of her entire plant.

At Caterpillar, we recognize the need to celebrate diversity and the true uniqueness of each individual member, while ensuring the inclusion of the individual's ideas and contributions. Our ERG’s are a perfect way to explore different interests, get involved in the community, and grow alongside other Caterpillar employees looking to build a better world.