Helping Customers Do Business Better

Jamila began her journey with Caterpillar through the student graduate program in the Geneva office.  Following completion of the program she began full time in the Duba. Her work on diverse projects in Dubai eventually lead her back to Geneva where she currently works as a Marketing Rep on events and solutions that help our customers do business better.

Her career with Caterpillar has spanned less than ten years, but in that short time she has held a variety of roles providing diversity in opportunity, knowledge and experience within the enterprise.

“Something I really value about my job at Caterpillar is that I can change positions throughout my career,” said Jamila, “Caterpillar employees are rewriting the rules because we’re enabled to work in diverse positions that ultimately help our customers.”

Something Jamila is especially proud of within her tenure is her involvement with the development and implementation of the Cat App. The App was designed to enable customers to run their business more efficiently, in turn making them more successful; which is ultimately always the goal of Team Caterpillar. That collaborative work within teams, driving customer success, is what Jamila is particularly found of at Caterpillar.

 “I’m not sure you can get this at another company: to travel, experience the world abroad, meet a wide prospect of people and feel the team spirit. That’s what I love – the human touch we have.”

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