Intern // Idea Driver

Jack Martinez says that he’s been able to experience a high caliber of opportunities at Caterpillar since the first day as a Marketing intern for the Global After Market Solutions Division (GASD). He is excited to come to work each day knowing he plays a part in the success of Caterpillar.

“Knowing that I am able to use my ideas and knowledge to positively impact such a large company excites me and keeps me engaged daily.”

Jack says there isn’t just one cool project he’s been a part of; he’s been able to create presentations for large team meetings, collect and analyze data to ensure success, and develop strategies to help Caterpillar grow. Jack feels comfortable taking initiative in these projects knowing everyone he works with has a common goal of enterprise success.

“Caterpillar does an impeccable job at being inclusive and making their interns feel like they are part of the team,” said Jack, “I feel like most companies don’t invest in their interns like Caterpillar does.”

Jack also appreciates the ability to think independently and present his ideas to others to drive positive change as an intern. He says embracing the trust Caterpillar gives him daily has helped him develop professionally and personally.

“Caterpillar allows me to learn and develop my professional skills at a rate much faster than my peers. The amount of encouragement everyone around me provides is absolutely amazing.”

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