From IT Architect to Law School

October 18, 2021

Ana Rita Pinheiro has been providing IT solutions to drive success for more than 25 years with Caterpillar. Ana attributes her longstanding career to a love for learning, which has recently taken her to law school. Later this year, Ana will be graduating from law school after five years of night classes. “Working in IT with the financial department means working with taxes and laws, which sparked an interest in the topic. Caterpillar encouraged me to pursue a law degree to be able to provide more informed compliance solutions and processes for my internal customers.”

Continuous learning is an everyday part of Ana’s role. “To be successful in an IT career, you need to love what you do. Not only do you need to take the initiative to learn new technologies and platforms, but you also need to be able to share your learnings with other internal teams. A solution you develop for one particular application might be just the solution a different team in the enterprise needs for their project.” Ana goes on to say that the diverse skills and experiences of her peers is what ultimately drives the success of the team, “You need to have a diverse team to work with diverse technology. Different ideas improve solutions and there are times when I have an idea for a solution but other people who think differently will help me improve my idea to make it work on a broader scale. Collaboration and teamwork are so important to the IT function.”

Plain and simple, Ana loves what she does and loves learning. She’d describe these characteristics as the secret to her career longevity and would advise anyone considering a role in Caterpillar IT to bring their passion to work with them each day, too. Are you ready to put your passion to work?

Ana Rita Pinheiro
Ana Rita Pinheiro